Consensus decision making

On Saturday I will be facilitating the Annual General Meeting of the North Howe Transition Toun (NHTT) in Fife, Scotland. By the way, ‘toun’ is not a mis-spelling. It is an old Scots word for a small settlement or group of settlements. The NHTT is one of a growing number of Transition organisations that are aiming to address issues of peak oil and climate change at a local level. The values of NHTT place an important emphasis on consensus decision-making and it is my role to ensure that the AGM is facilitated using a consensual approach. Thanks to the members of the NHTT I have come across some excellent resources for community groups wishing to put into practice the principles of participatory, consensus-based decision making. Seeds for Change have a really excellent resource library of tools for organising and facilitating energising meetings. Coop Tools provide an intriguing resource called ‘The Dotmocracy Handbook’ which I have not yet tried but looks fun as a way of helping large groups to prioritise their ideas.