Advanced Organisational Development Course

Every year I run a five-day course for INTRAC on organisational development. The course is invariably well-received and recently in my discussions with Paula Haddock from INTRAC we thought there might be a market for an ‘Advanced Organisational Development’ course. I have outlined a course that will be advertised soon and will be based on in-depth case studies along the lines of those found in the Harvard Business Review. In these case studies, three prominent practitioners are asked to comment on the case and outline what they think should happen. These case studies will, of course, be developed well in advance but other cases will be written by participants based on their recent or current organisational challenges and will be brought along for discussion during the course. I also plan to have some time for sharing tools and models and, partly as a result of attending with my daughter an inspiring session at the Scottish Dance Theatre called ‘Meet the Choreographer’, build in some structured interviews with and between course participants.

I’m looking forward to using new and challenging methodologies and to writing the case studies. The main areas I intend to cover are developing new organisational business models; decentralisation and ‘nationalisation’; managing mergers and takeovers; growing strategic partnerships and strengthening learning. I’d be very interested to hear from anyone who has some ideas for the cases or who would be willing to provide a written commentary.


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